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Detox Salt Lamps
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Himalayan Salt Detox Lamp   Himalayan Salt Detox Lamp

We are offering superb Salt Detox lamps or Detoxer salt lamps from Starline Enterprises (Pakistan) at discounted price. Please call us or visit our Online Inquiry form. If you can not view the images of this product, please visit us at

Starline's Detoxer Lamps detail:

1- Starline’s Detox Salt Lamps are hand Carved from 100% all natural and well selected Himalayan Rock Salt.

2- Our Detox Salt lamps glow in superb pinkish to deep red colors that come from over 84 naturally occurring minerals.

3- Our Detox Salt lamps are equally effective as a natural alternative health product for hands and feet therapy.

4- Each Detox Salt lamp weigh 8 lbs, easy to handle.

5- Starline’s Detox Salt Lamps come with complete UL listed Cord, CE listed cord or Australian Listed cords with dimmer switch. Our Detox salt lamp are warmed by two easily changeable 15watt or 25 watt electric bulbs, giving enough warmness for comfortable hands and feet therapy. Most of the Detox salt lamps in the market are warmed by a single electric bulb.






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