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What is a Salt Lamp?

Salt Lamps of Himalayas Crystal Salt

Starline's salt lamps and candleholders are best natural air ionizer, which are 100% handcrafted from the original Himalayan crystal salt. Our salt lamps salt candleholders, bath salts, massage stones, and aromatherapy lamps are unique, with unmatchable craftsmanship and of superb quality, which have gained worldwide popularity.

What is a Salt Crystal Lamp

Salt lamp is a piece of Himalayan salt rock, which is handcrafted in a particular shape so as to mount it on a wood base, and an electrical bulb is arranged to be fixed within the hollow area of the salt rock, through the wood base. When the bulb is lit, the whole salt rock becomes illuminated with a lovely eye-catching glow. Starline manufacturers salt lamps and candleholders in natural rough shapes as well as in hundreds of amazing designs including geometrical shapes, animal sculptures, aromatherapy lamps, calligraphy lamps, religious lamps, other lovely shapes and of course, your exclusives customized designs.

In today's environment, when we are surrounded by artificial products of civilization, we can hardly imagine living without many electric devices. Many of us live and work in surroundings dominated by technology such as computers, televisions, copy machines, printers, microwave ovens, dryers, air conditioners and heaters, vacuum cleaners, radio receivers & transmitters, radars, x-ray machines, just to name a few. They make it easier for us to work in the office, at home, and they entertain us as well. However, we often do not realize that they are also a source of very harmful positive ions, which deteriorates the quality of air that we breathe, which can result in mental, physical and emotional exhaustion and effect overall wellness.






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